Existing Business 3 Week Coaching Program

Did you know that Ellen Springer also offers an in-depth Existing Business Coaching Program that runs 6 weeks?  Click here for more information.

This is a shortened program – the 6 Week Existing Business Coaching Program is recommended, but if if you just can’t make the investment right now, the 3 Week Coaching Program is for you.

In the 3 Week Existing Business Coaching Program, these are some of the areas that can be addressed (all programs are designed to meet your specific needs):

  • A brief review of historical data and current cash flow snapshot.
  • Use business history to plan budget going forward, starting with your desired bottom line
  • Current budget and strategies to improve cash flow.
  • Develop a individualized marketing plan that sizzles.
  • Design an action plan to achieve program goals.
  • Plan for future

Price: $500